I offer a space of compassion and empathy where people can heal and come back into Perfect Harmony. Over three Reconnective Healing and/or Vibrational Sound Healing you can potentially  benefit from the following:

  • More Energy
  • More Clarity & Focus
  • Deep Release of tension
  • Stress- relief & Pain-relief
  • Enhanced Self-confidence
  • Enhanced Creativity & Productive Energy
  • Improved Mobility

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 To book an appointment please call 07597 639123 or email  rachelvitalenergy@gmail.com

Reconnective Healing®
The Personal Reconnection® is for individuals seeking Evolution & Life Path Acceleration through the Reconnective Healing® Frequencies. More Info
Vibrational Sound Healing
Singing Bowls & Tuning Fork are believed to have deep effects, relieving tensions and blockages, and even acting at the cellular level, re-enforcing the body’s self healing abilities. More Info
“Learn to let your body go with the flow & Let your mind be free”, Dance‘n movement-based personal development for everyone More Info