I offer a space of compassion and empathy where people can heal and come back into Perfect Harmony. Over three Reconnective Healing and/or Vibrational Sound Healing sessions you can potentially  benefit from the following:

  • More Energy
  • More Clarity & Focus
  • Deep Release of tension
  • Stress- relief & Pain-relief
  • Enhanced Self-confidence
  • Enhanced Creativity & Productive Energy
  • Improved Mobility

I also offer Energetic Cellular Healing and Biomagnetic Pair Therapy.


Do you enjoy dancing and would like to explore your creative side, let go of tensions in your body and connect with a friendly group of peole? Biodanza is for you.

If you love water, dancing and deep relaxation you are welcome to join my Aquatic Biodanza workshops.



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 To book an appointment please call 07597 639123 or email  rachelvitalenergy@gmail.com


Biodanza in Basel