Biodanza Brighton

Monthly Biodanza including socializing with nibbles


 Dance for fun contact, sweet connection and deep bliss 

2 – 6.30 pm

Sun 23rd June 2019

Time to replenish !


What is Biodanza?
Biodanza literally means the dance of life. It is a system of personal and group development. It comes from South America, created by Rolando Toro, a psychologist. It draws from many ancient tribal dances and practices. The benefits of regular practice are:
– Feeling alive and happy.
– Re-harmonizing your well-being.
– Meeting without masks and agenda
– Nourishing each other in a safe place
– Removing blocks in your body and mind to increase creative potential.
– States of bliss where you feel a deep communion with your soul and all that surrounds you.

What’s the main structure of a class?
The dances are guided by the facilitator. There are no steps to learn.There are rhythmic dances for physical well-being and vitality in the first part of the class, and slow exercise which induce relaxation in the second half.

What kind of music is played?
Enjoy a vibrant mix of uplifting World music, from Tribal drums, Jazz, Latin, hip-swaying Samba to soothing Classical.
It is open to all, there are no steps to learn, just guidance to free your body to make its own movements.

Sun 23rd June 2019  2 – 6.30 pm

Arrive 1.45
2 pm start:  1st Biodanza session, open to all, beginners welcome
Break, Teas and Nibbles sharing, socialising, party!
Sharing circle
2nd Biodanza deeper session for biodancers with some experience who have completed the first session
🌊 After the dance we’ll go to the seafront in Hove and have a drink/meal at “The Venue”.
£35 at the door for all afternoon (including break with tea and biscuits), or £30 early bird till Friday night 21st: ‘PAYPAL PAYMENT £30’
First session £20 at the door (including break afterwards with tea and biscuits), 2 – 4.30pm, or £17 early bird till Friday night 21st: ‘PAYPAL PAYMENT £17 ‘
How to pay?
By PayPal: click link above, select friends/family option.
By bank transfer: email me at for bank details.

Where? (FIRST floor)
South Portslade Community Center
Church Road (next to Health Center)
Easy free on street parking
10 mins walk from Portslade Station
Bus line number 1, but stop ” Portslade Health Centre”

Click this Google Map link for street view and directions.

What to bring?
– comfortable clothes
– a bottle of water and healthy nibbles and drinks to share


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How does it look like?

” Wow!!!!Self development through movement & dance. For the first time in a long long time I felt my body to feel free. Thank you so much Rachel for your love and guidance through this incredible journey. Cant wait till next month already!” Demelza F.

” I had my first Biodanza class yesterday with Rachel. I’ve been carrying a lot of grief lately and feeling at times very alone in that. In the safe, holding, nurturing space of Rachel’s class, I found that I could open my heart and reconnect through tears, laughter, movement and touch. Everything was welcome. On discovering the Biodance community I feel a profound sense of well-being and connection in every cell of my body. I’ve finally found my dancing heart tribe that I’ve always been looking for. I feel such gratitude. Thank you.” Emma W.

“Rachel is gifted in creating a calm and nurturing space to dance. Here, as a beginner, it’s been OK to show up a little unsure and vulnerable, and then I find myself softening and opening up to dance and passionately share the joys, sparkles and blessings of life… or to slow down and, something that often feels so scarce and rare in our world today, to discover joyfully how to begin to connect and engage, without spoken words, more authentically and whole-heartedly with others. It is profoundly uplifting. Thank you Rachel!” Penny S.

“When you never thought the day would come where your heart would start to heal and then you try a Biodanza class. Release of pain without words. It feels incredible and so light to loose that pain.I dont know yet how long the pain is released for as it was only my first class yesterday. If anyone feels stuck emotionally, heart ache, want to grow more spiritually or want to face any anxiety issues I highly highly recommend you finding your closest Biodanza class. It has been absolutely transformational.” Demelza F.




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