Distant Healing

Rachel works with individuals who want to heal emotional and physical symptoms such as:

Sleep issues

Physical Pain

Emotional Heart Pain

Loss and Grief

Repeating life patterns

Rachel works with guides to assist you to

Remove blockages to success in love, career and health

Clear energies that are interfering with you living your best life

Remove inherited negative influences from family lineages

Resolving karmic contracts

Soul transition

Soul ascension

Individual Sessions via Phone:

60 minutes online session  – £60.00   (66 Euros)

A 60 minute session where the guides will channel their love and healing through Rachel to help resolve your current challenge.

90 minute session online – £90.00    (99 Euros)

A 90 minute session provides 90 minutes of channelled healing including sound bath healing.

Each sound bath is based on your healing session and the frequencies that are chosen by the guides will assist your soul to integrate and assimilate the channelled  healing you have just received. The unique frequencies of sound deepen your healing and open your body to receive the life it seeks.

Program of Sessions:

Book either a program of daily, weekly or monthly sessions, all sessions to be taken within 12 months of booking.

3 sessions – three sessions of 90 minutes – £180                       (198 Euros)

6 sessions – Six sessions of 90 minutes – £300 saving £60      (330 Euros saving 66 Euros)

10 sessions – Ten sessions of 90 minutes – £500 saving £100  (550 Euros saving 110 Euros)

Contact : rachelvitalenergy@gmail.com