Energetic Cellular Healing

Energetic Cellular Healing focuses mainly on the aura/chakra system and its impact on mind, body and spiritual well-being. Rachel was trained by Tjitze de Jong.
The therapist cleanses, revitalises, balances, strengthens and/or restructures the client’s chakras, organs and aura layers .

A treatment session is offered fully clothed lying down on a massage table & lasts 60 minutes

Energetic Cellular Healing can:

  • Help finding balance and centredness.
  • Complement the conventional physical treatment of an illness or chronic condition.
  • Resolve recurrent negative thoughts and/or patterns.
  • Support with crises and challenges.
  • Facilitate alignment to life purpose, current path and direction.
  • Facilitate connection to your heart’s wisdom

One 2 hours session for £60, or 3 sessions for £150. The number of sessions depends upon the individual, several sessions are recommended to consolidate the treatment. I work in Portslade, 5 minutes walk from the station, near Brighton, East Sussex.