Thailande RachelFor many years, I have lived in the Brighton and Hove area having relocated from my native France. A vocation as a nurse was the start of my career in nurturing and engendering well-being (in fact I still do some nursing part-time). This has instilled a compassionate, thorough and practical approach which underpins my healing practice of 18 years.

Having qualified in a comprehensive range of therapeutic alternative healing modalities, I offer something special to my clients – choice from one qualified professional. Different healing modalities suit different people, because we’re all unique. I originally trained in reiki and sound healing over a decade ago, having experienced its therapeutic benefits. I am now also a qualified practitioner of biomagnetic, reconnective healing and cellular healing.

Having experience in these complementary natural therapies means I have a ‘medicine bag’ equipped to help you in precisely the way your body, heart and mind will best respond.  After sensitive and intuitive diagnosis, an appropriate plan of healing treatments is offered.  This also gives you the freedom to discover a different healing modality with a practitioner you already trust and feel comfortable with.

My Approach:
Favours depth over speed, heart integrated with head, private over public, intuition over assumption and always with the aspiration to deliver profound self-healing, heart-opening and expansive sessions – whether through well-being treatments or Biodanza.

‘All the tension has melted away and my entire being down to every cell feels alive, renewed and full of energy! I would definitely recommend!’ D.S. Crawley, MInd Body Spirit fair.

I welcome your call or e-mail to talk about how I can help you find relief – whether physical, emotional or simply peace of mind in a situation that might be overwhelming. If I am unable to take your call, rest assured I will respond within 48 hours.

 To book an appointment please call 07597 639123 or email  rachelvitalenergy@gmail.com

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