Having suffered a loss of my Twin Brother and being a recluse for a number of years, a friend invited me to experience dancing. The Aquadanza sessions are extremely calming with warm water and waves of tenderness shown from other people. It has help me to revitalise my soul and open my heart once again. You feel so relaxed blissfully happy and safe. Rachel’s classes have helped me overcome shyness and emotional pain and has given me the confidence to fully express myself through dancing and listening to the music being played. Never miss a opportunity to dance with Rachel it’s a life changing experience, one I can definitely vouch for. Mike R – June 2016

I have worked 3 sessions with Rachel and living abroad they were done via Skype.This has in no way altered the efficiency of the process. I feel rejuvenated, more connected to my creative potential, my manliness and more confident. Physically my knee pain has vanished. As a healer Rachel uses empathy, intuition and loving-strength in an artful and harmonious way.  Chris M – Professional Coach January 2015


I just had a 15 minutes taster session with Rachel at Steyning Holistic Fair. Shoulder and neck tension much reduced, and I felt so relaxed that I did not want to leave the couch and I had to sit down! I cannot wait to book the longer sessions! Thank you so much Rachel.

PS: by the time I finished writing the above, my shoulder and neck pain has GONE. I feel light in my body and my mind! Sonia W. Steyning November 2014


I just had a session with Rachel and must say this is the best I felt for long time. I feel peaceful and relaxed and all the tension has melted away and my entire being down to every cells feels alive, renewed and full of energy! I would definitely recommend! D.S Crawley November 2013


“Miraculous !! The word is not too strong! One session, and my old neck pain has disappeared.The experience is hard to explain, because for almost an hour my body was elsewhere, in a state of weightlessness, disconnected from the outside world. I am quite willing to repeat the experience. Thank you and congratulations!” Serge, France – Alsace, June 2013


Over the last two years, I received several healing sessions from Rachel and each of them touched me profoundly. I released deep pain and emotional trauma which were affecting my ability to enjoy my life with my child. I always came out of the sessions feeling more connected with my own power and my own light. I highly recommend Rachel to anyone seeking a compassionate practitioner able to hold a space of empathy and unconditional love. Rachel is a gifted healer and her contribution to the betterment of Humanity is outstanding. I come back to her every time I feel down or I need a breakthrough as I know she will hold the space for me. N N Coach and Teacher May 2013


Rachel is a gifted healer, intuitive and empathetic she creates a safe and caring space.
I experienced her beautiful sound healing with the Tibetan bowls and also her powerful hands on healing. After one session my injured knee is no longer painful. Merci Rachel. Helen Glavin:  musician and composer, Lewes May 2012


I have received three healing sessions from Rachel and each has been transformative regarding both physical and emotional discomfort that I was experiencing at the time. Rachel is very warm and intuitive and I find her deeply attuned to my needs during the whole sessions. Rachel is a powerful healer; from the moment she first places her hand on me and uses the sound bowls, I find myself moving into a range of restorative and regenerative states, often with deep experiences of regression and beautiful visual images. I leave the sessions with Rachel feeling deeply nourished and very purposeful in my vision for what I want in my life. Dr Lit E. Clinical Psychologist (London) June 2012

To book an appointment please call 07597 639123 or email  rachelvitalenergy@gmail.com